Large Live Edge Cheeseboard (Ash) 428

Large Live Edge Cheeseboard (Ash) 428

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This stunning, live edge cutting board is constructed from Ash wood and finished with Manitoba Beeswax and mineral oil! 

These one-of-a-kind pieces are part of an exclusive collection hand cut, sanded, and finished by George using the "salad bowl" technique that has been passed down for generations. The wood itself was cultvated by one tree from Vernon, Manitoba by the #1 Highway on the border of Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Handcrafted by George Fontaine.

Georgie's birds are made from driftwood, foundwood, recycled wood, fruit tree wood beaver chewed wood, scrounged wood, and any other woods looking for a second chance at a new life.  He loves creating these creatures and hopes you enjoy their variety and, sometimes, whimsical cheekiness.